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Luce Choules



My art deals with an exploration of the Earth’s surface – unfixed topographical features and fluent spatial dynamics, envisioned as the activated spaces of landscape to be surveyed and mapped. Travelling between object and situation, expeditions form a framework for my itinerant practice of fieldwork – where a performance takes place, artworks are made and documents are generated.


Face of the Earth is a series of interconnected research projects, involving: environmental mapping and curated landscapes, geographical ecosystems and cultural tourism, artist expeditions and experimental fieldwork. My research investigates the collapsing of distance between subject and object; and my interest in events and situations that cause a shift in our physical and emotional bodies explores our relationship to natural landscape and the built environment.


Luce Choules is an international visual artist with a transversal practice, working in still and moving image and the intermedia between performance and sculpture through her practice of fieldwork.

Choules has presented her work both nationally and internationally since gaining recognition in 2009 with the group exhibition Territoires Émergents at the Centre Regional de la Photographie Nord Pas-de-Calais. Since then, amongst numerous personal projects, she has surveyed and mapped marshlands, creeks and the Thames estuary in Kent as part of the Space Invaders commissions, with a solo show during My Kent Big Weekend; surveyed and mapped the Eston Hills site in Redcar and Cleveland as part of the Factory Nights programme by Rednile Projects, Newcastle; and was awarded major ACE funding to work with the Ironbridge Gorge Museums – surveying and mapping the curated landscapes of an industry passed and work with the geological archive held at IGMT, presenting new work for a solo exhibition. More recently, she has surveyed and mapped the micro-topography of a rock near Velez Rubio, and a large water-catchment site near Velez Blanco, both in southern Spain; and one of eight artists selected as part of the Bideford Black commissions, with the Burton Art Gallery and Flow Contemporary Arts. Currently, she is one of four artists selected to make work on a remote island in Lake Superior, USA, as part of the 2016/17 environmental residency programme with Rabbit Island Foundation and DeVos Art Museum, Michigan, USA. She has also developed a photo/poetry performance lecture programme as part of her Alpine expedition project Guide74.

Choules is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), and Coordinator of the CYD panel presentations and workshops for The Society’s annual ‘Explore’ event; and Founder/Coordinator of the artist network TSOEG (Temporal School of Experimental Geography). Currently, she is developing a new research model in peripatetic practice and itinerant working, involving outposts and datasets.